Q. What is sliding scale pricing? 
Sliding scale pricing means that you choose how much you want to pay.  The lowest price represent the minimum we need to cover the costs of printing and to pay our artists.  The highest price is a more accurate reflection of the time and effort that goes into to producing each book. Anything above that does directly to the artist and supports their artistic practice.

We want our artists’ work to reach all those who will deeply enjoy it and be inspired, so we’re giving you the option of paying what’s possible and radiant for you.

Q. How do editions work?
A. Most of our books are made in small one-off editions.  Our biggest edition right now is 100, and our smallest is 15.  If we receive a lot of requests for a sold out book, we may do a re-issue.  You can make a request by emailing us, cave @ freewitch.com.