We welcome introductions, manuscripts, links to images, book proposals, funder inquiries, curatorial ideas etc. We are a small group of bookmakers and publishers and typically produce 1-3 releases per year. We are always thrilled to meet new artists and help them realize their creative visions.

For Prospective Artists

Our ideal artist:

  1. Has an active creative practice.
  2. Is disinterested in careerism or “success”
  3. Has explored the FWP catalogue and is interested in connecting with free witch artists through readership, collaboration, and creative and personal exchange.

Our ideal projects:

  1. New work. 
  2. Personal perspective, unique to the artist
  3. High quality
  4. Relate to and deepen our catalogue
  5. Relate to our interests: Poetry, Printmaking, Art Zines, Risograph Prints, Guide Books, Cars, Roads, Gardening/Ecology, Metaphysics, Calendars, Experimental Fiction, Erotica, Translations

What we offer

  1. Creative Incubation support
  2. Editing 
  3. Design support
  4. Printing
  5. Dynamic Peer Readership
  6. Payment to artists.  The amounts are more symbolic than lucrative. 
  7. Remote Distribution via our website and USPS
  8. Gentle Promotion
    1. Website
    2. Email newsletter
    3. Annual event (most years)
    4. Instagram promo (limited)
    5. Support to artists who want to go further with promo with their projects

Things we don’t print:

  1. Exhibition Catalogues
  2. Previously released work
  3. Compilations of past work

Things we don’t offer

  1. ISBNS
  2. Official copywriting (though artists can self register)
  3. Brick & Mortar distribution (extremely limited exceptions)
  4. Hardcovers
  5. A way to make a living. 

Our Mission

Our main focus is supporting artists in the creation of new work, particularly the early vulnerable stages of creation where things are unfinished unpolished and messy. We help artists bring a project to a cohesive point of closure where it can be easily and accessibly shared.

We pay artists.

Typically $50 – $100 for a short book, print, or zine edition of 100. We are too small to track inventory and individual sales, but if we do need to reprint your book we will offer you another artist fee. The money we take in through sales goes toward expenses such as webhosting, paper, ink, and labor. The artists fees are more symbolic, as we typically do not make money or even break even with these projects. If you are looking to make money with your book/print we recommend a different avenue of publication.

Designers, Illustrators, Editors, Bookbinders, Funders
We welcome portfolio submissions for design and illustration as well introductions if you are a freelance editor or craftsperson or independent funder interested in getting involved.

Rights etc.
You retain the copyright to your work. We ask that you commit to not publish, including self publish and online publishing, except for promotional excerpts, the work we produce for a period of 2 years from its release date.

Thank you!