Submissions & Calls

You are welcome to introduce yourself, submit your manuscripts, links to images, and book proposals, curatorial ideas etc. We are a small group of bookmakers and publishers and typically produce 1-3 releases per year. We are always thrilled to meet new artists and help them realize their creative visions.

What we offer:

*Support getting your project ready for publication
*Design and illustration if needed
*printing, diy style
*distribution through our online portal, promotion through zine and book fairs, instagram promotion, newsletter promotion, limited stock in select alternative shops
*We pay artists. Typically $100 for a short book, edition of 100. Additional fee paid for subsequent editions. Less for compilations.
*10 copies of your book, plus the ability to purchase more at cost.
* Sometimes we can do more like help organize promotional events, translations, etc.

Text Based Work
We’re particularly interested in poetry, experimental fiction, guide books, philosophy, esoteric, and ephemera.

Visual Art
We welcome portfolio submissions for design and illustration as well as visually based books or hybrid text and visual books.

Artist books:
We promote small editions of artist books made by the artist. Details on a case by case basis.

Rights etc.
You retain the copyright to your work. We ask that you commit to not publish, including self publishing and posting online, except for promotional excerpts, the work we produce for a period of 2 years from its release date.