Seamless by Kris Faso

This limited edition, hand-bound leather volume features poetry by Kris Faso.  From the esoteric to the divine mundane, this book of poems will take you on a wander through Kris’ experience and mind.  Find yourself between the lines.

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Tarot Erotica By Sissy Creamcheese

Submerge your senses in this lustrous prose piece.  Encased in white satin, this little volume is hand written text, sewn with embroidery thread, and contains full color collages and a miniature magnifying glass for your reading pleasure.

The tale follows the journey from ecstatic surrenders to the more complex and delicate notions of bonding and independence.  Spin, spin, spin and find yourself again.

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About the author:
Sissy Creamcheese is a Berlin based dreamweaver.  She writes ethereal erotica, unrestrained watery visions, and dances in the moonlight.