‘2021’ by Lily Fein

‘2021’ is a book of images of the work of Lily Fein in the year 2020.
Images in book/box courtesy of Lucy Lacoste Gallery

“I am excited to share this year’s book, which takes the form of a wooden box containing 12 image cards and a porcelain covering. It was thrilling to move away from the traditional ceramic covered book. In some ways ‘2021’ feels more like a card game than a book, where moving pieces fit in particular parts until they are played again.” – Lily Fein

Contact Lily at lilypad@rcn.com for more pictures, information, or about purchasing a book. 

Free Witch Synodic Time Interruption Calendar 2021

photo by Lena Warnke

For Immediate Release:

The witches have drawn down a new way of counting time.  Don’t worry, you will be able to use it without anyone else noticing, quite possibly, even yourself.

purchase here.

There are many things you can do or not do with this calendar:

*track the moon phases
*carry it in your back pocket
*read it like a book
*keep a tiny daily journal
*hang it on the wall   
*mark you day to day commitments
*choose your own adventure holidays
*celebrate solstice
*4 day weekends, every weekend
*tune in the the seasons

Limited Edition of 100. 

Each calendar comes with the Free Witch Calendar Companion Reader, including 3 Lists of Choose Your Own Adventure Marked Days, and a sheet of stickers.

Work by of 18 artists and writers.

purchase here.

Seamless by Kris Faso

This limited edition, hand-bound leather volume features poetry by Kris Faso.  From the esoteric to the divine mundane, this book of poems will take you on a wander through Kris’ experience and mind.  Find yourself between the lines.

$26.00 plus shipping  Order here

Lily Fein’s Miniature Ceramic Book

by Lily Fein

These tidy little volumes chronicle Fein’s ceramic work over the past year.  Full color photographs, hand written captions, and a delicate binding offer a tactile experience of her padded and pinched forms.

small, limited edition handmade by the artist.  fits inside your palm

$38.00 plus shipping Order here

About the artist:

Lily Fein is a Massachusetts based artist who primarily works in clay.  She’s inspired by natural places, especially bodies of water.

read the full conversation

American Light Beer by James Coarse

American Light Beer is released in partnership with KLYAM Records.

Your guide to what’s good, bad and rotten in the landscape of gently alcoholic beverages.   Coarse takes you through the backroads of beer selection roving and muddling through Historic and cryptic digressions—holding pleasure against truth and taste against character—this is after all a philosophy book.

$22.00 plus shipping Order here

edition of 100

About the Author
James Coarse is a philosopher and Driving Enthusiast. Mass./NOLA

Tarot Erotica By Sissy Creamcheese

Submerge your senses in this lustrous prose piece.  Encased in white satin, this little volume is hand written text, sewn with embroidery thread, and contains full color collages and a miniature magnifying glass for your reading pleasure.

The tale follows the journey from ecstatic surrenders to the more complex and delicate notions of bonding and independence.  Spin, spin, spin and find yourself again.

$12.00 plus shipping Order here

About the author:
Sissy Creamcheese is a Berlin based dreamweaver.  She writes ethereal erotica, unrestrained watery visions, and dances in the moonlight.

Zine of Joy by Sissy Creamcheese

Dive into the depths of the sea. This paperback art zine contains vibrant watercolors dolphin paintings and a personal note by the artist.

Edition of 15

$6.00 plus shipping Order here

About the author:
Sissy Creamcheese is a Berlin based dreamweaver. She writes ethereal erotica, unrestrained watery visions, and dances in the moonlight.