Lily Fein’s Miniature Ceramic Book

by Lily Fein

These tidy little volumes chronicle Fein’s ceramic work over the past year.  Full color photographs, hand written captions, and a delicate binding offer a tactile experience of her padded and pinched forms.

small, limited edition handmade by the artist.  fits inside your palm

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About the artist:

Lily Fein is a Massachusetts based artist who primarily works in clay.  She’s inspired by natural places, especially bodies of water.

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Zine of Joy by Sissy Creamcheese

Dive into the depths of the sea. This paperback art zine contains vibrant watercolors dolphin paintings and a personal note by the artist.

Edition of 15

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About the author:
Sissy Creamcheese is a Berlin based dreamweaver. She writes ethereal erotica, unrestrained watery visions, and dances in the moonlight.